Private Mailboxes


5 Reasons Why Your Home Business Needs a Private Mailbox

  1. Keep your business address separate from your home address.    Your private mailbox at Mail & More will have a business looking address without the “P.O. Box” that you get at the USPS.  Why let your customers know where you live?
  2. Instead of renting office space, just rent the private mailbox for a fraction of the cost.  You will save a lot of money.
  3. You can use “Google Local” to advertize your business.  As it is right now Google doesn’t allow P.O. boxes to be used as physical locations, but they will allow addresses listed with suites.  With Google Local, your business can get ranked higher in the search engines.
  4. With a Suite Address, you will have a more professional image.  It is all about perception!
  5. All of your packages can be delivered and signed for all day long.  You don’t have to worry about theft or not being there to sign for your deliveries.